Formerly Frome Amateur Operatic Society

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Thursday 3rd August, 2017

FMTC Spellbound 2017 was CATS and was performed from 3rd - 5th August 2017, once again it was an outstanding show and appreciated by great audiences.

CATS Cast List...

Old Deuteronomy - Lochlan Apps
Munkustrap - Hannah Stamp
Grizabella - Ella Evans
Bombalurina - Jess Golay
Jellylorum - Lauren Nolan
Demeter - Millie Weare
Rum Tum Tugger - Tom Hill
Gut The Theatre Cat - Harvey Joseph
Magical Mr Mistoffelees - Leo Horler
Growltiger - Alfie Dackombe
Griddlebone - Harriet Cooper
Mungojerrie - Kaylyn Neale
Rumpleteazer - Megan Wright
Skimbleshanks - Nick Rose
Jennyanydots - Holly Davis
Victoria - Izzy King
Bustopher Jones - George Langley
Jemima - Lauren Penney

The Jellicle Tribe

Alonzo - Daniel Hancock
Coricopat - Lucy Cooke
Tantomile - Lucy Twigger
Etcetera - Caitlin Seal
Cassandra - Kitty Cummings
Bill Bailey - Ed Twigger
Exotica - Charlotte Fowler
Electra - Matilda Evans
Carbuckety - Maisie Wood
George - Dom Evans
Admetus - Rose Whelan

Rosie Beer, Flo Caidan, Yasmin Cox, Bethan Davis, Emma Davis, Dillon Endicott, Gil Endicott, Isabella FitzGerald, Noah Hardy, Faerieday Head, Tamlin Head, Cole Lewis, Amber Longmore, Lucy Meadows, Elodie Newman, Orla Newman, Elen Northeast, Elizabeth Northeast, Alicia Renton, Evie Saunders, Grace Sneade, Millie Steel, Emily Taylor, Phoebe Upton, Orla Walker, Frankie Wareham, Molly Weeks, Elliot Wood, Olivia Wood, Grace Woodham


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