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Dr Dolittle

Thursday 8th August, 2013

The FAOS Spellbound production for 2013 was Doctor Dolittle, and was performed at the Frome Memorial Theatre from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th August inclusive.

Doctor Dolittle Cast List

Doctor John Dolittle - Callum Close

Matthew Mugg - Dominic Weston

Emma Fairfax - Anna Lee

General Bellowes - Matthew Blake

Sarah Dolittle - Emma Upshall

Tommy Stubbins - George Tucker

Polynesia the Parrot - Anabella Fairgrieve

The Show Gulls:

Marilyn - Kayleigh-Paige Rees

Carmen - Astrid Bishop

Audrey - Hope Marsh

Judy - Emma Golay

Liza - Flora McLaren

Albert Blossom - Oli Wareham

Gertie Blossom - Astrid Bishop

Straight Arrow - Michael Hill

Aubrey Dymme-Witt - Finlay Collinson

Gub-Gub the Pig - Alfie Dackombe

Jip the Dog- Tom McPherson

Chee-Chee the Chimp - Tom Hill

Bailiff - Will Hawkins

Office Clerk - Billy Bruce

Tommy's Aunt - Tessa Blaikie

Sophie the Seal - Eloise Kilkelly-Doyle

Nigel the Seal - Connor Hill

Pushmi-Pullyu - Gemma Davis and Georgina Rose

Dab-Dab the Duck - George Langley

Kit-Kat the Kitten- Ella Evans

Rufus the Dog- Max Tawse

Rover the Dog - Nick Rose

Sheila the Fox - Jess Golay

Emma's Friends:
Jane- Rosanna Peacock
Mary - Alicia Smith
Anne - Chloe Tawse
Charlotte - Elizabeth Smith

Caitlin Mosler
Rosie Vallis
Holly Davis
Isabelle King
Lucy Cooke
Evie Foster
Kiera Burgess

Sophie Godman
Josie Lee
Isabella Dellwhite
Louis Wareham
Laura O'Brien
Harvey Joseph
Tom Maccallum
Lucy Twigger
Spencer Blake
Hannah Stamp
Daniel Hancock
Meghan Verel
Jessie Nuttall
Jacob Wilkinson
Maisie Wood
Edward Twigger

Cast in named parts will also join the Dancers and Chorus as directed


Millie Barton
Jazz Carpenter
Holly Fleetwood
Phoebe Hughes
Verity Hughes
Alexandra Ibbitson
Ellie Morse


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