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Sleeping Beauty

Tuesday 29th December, 2015

Frome Musical Theatre performed Sleeping Beauty from Tuesday 29 December 2015 to Saturday 2 January 2016 at the Frome Memorial Theatre to 100% full houses across the eight shows, which was fantastic.

Sleeping Beauty cast list:

Princess Rose (12) - Caitlin Seal
Princess Rose (16) - Alicia Smith
Prince Alexis/Alexander - Emma Golay
Muddles - Simon Joyce
Fetch & Carry - Garry Hill (Fetch) & Oli Wareham (Carry)
Dame Dottie Dettol - Jon O’Loughlin
King Cactus - Humphrey Barnes
Queen Marigold - Teresa Bray
Good Fairy Lilac - Nicole Wooldridge
Bad Witch Hazel - Vic Withers

Rainbow Fairies:
Red - Tilly Haines
Yellow - Yasmin Cox
Green - Elodie Newman
Blue - Olivia Wood

Becky Hinde, Eloise Kilkelly-Doyle, Hope Marsh, Georgie Rose, Chloe Tawse, Kathryn Wright

Emma Aspray, Fin Collinson, Karen Harley, Will Hawkins, Connor Hill, Josie Lee, Tom MacCallam, Hannah Wicks, Christian Wye, Harley Wye

Please contact us - - if you would like to find out more or hear about how you can get involved and join Frome Musical Theatre Company - we would love to hear from you.


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