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Tuesday 8th May, 2018

FMTC were delighted perform TITANIC The Musical at the Frome Memorial Theatre from Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th May 2018.

We took the journey across the Atlantic Ocean, sharing in the hopes and dreams of real passengers aboard the most legendary ship in the world.

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Thomas Andrews - Grant McCotter
Bruce Ismay - David Hynds
Captain Smith - Kevin Withers
1st Officer Murdoch - Steve Waterfield
2nd Officer Lightoller - Darren Golay
3rd Officer Pitman- George Plant
4th Officer Boxhall - Matt Dawkins
Quartermaster Hitchens - James Catley
Harold Bride - George Tucker
Frederick Barrett - Ross Turnbull
Frederick Fleet - Jamie House
Joseph Bell - Patrick Withey
Henry Etches - Chris Murray
Bellboy - George Langley

1st Class:
Isidor Strauss - Humphrey Barnes
Ida Strauss - Tracey Rawlins
John Astor - Davey Evans
Madeline Astor - Georgie Rose
Benjamin Guggenheim - Garry Hill
Mme. Aubert - Claire Williams
John B Thayer - Steve Middle
Marion Thayer - Hannah Wicks
Jack Thayer - Cole Lewis
George Widener - Jack Hallett
Eleanor Widener - Vic Withers
Charlotte Cardoza - Joanne Plenty
Edith Corse Evans - Teresa Bray
JH Rogers - Gary Williams

2nd Class:
Alice Beane - Nicole Wooldridge
Edgar Beane - Matt Dawkins
Charles Clark - Ed Henderson
Caroline Neville - Tabitha Cox

3rd Class:
Jim Farrell - Dave Merritt
Kate McGowan - Lydia Marsh
Kate Mullins - Cordelia Tarbrook
Kate Murphey - Daisy Mercedes
Stewardess Robinson - Millie Weare
Stewardess Hutchinson - Georgie Ashford-Miller
Stewardess - Hannah Stamp

The Band:
Bandmaster Wallace Hartley - Patrick Withey
Bandsman Taylor - George Plant
Bandsman Bricous - James Catley
Stevedore - Davey Evans
Italian Ladies - Cherry Hill & Heather Jones
German Lady - Lisa Kendall
2nd Man - Matt Dawkins
4th Man - Patrick Withey
1st Class Lady - Claudia Pepler

Dillon Endicott, Lauren Penney, Olivia Wood

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