Formerly Frome Amateur Operatic Society

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We are always on the lookout for new members whether that be on stage (acting, singing, dancing etc.), backstage (scenery, props, lighting, sound etc.), under stage (costumes, make-up, hair etc.) and with pre-production activities such as publicity.

In particular we are always on the lookout for.....

Directors and Musical Directors (or potential ones) - we are fortunate to perform a wide variety of shows throughout the year, and there are opportunities for different Directors and Musical Directors to join FMTC.  Perhaps you have assisted a Director previously and are now looking to, and ready to, take the reins and direct a show?  Are you a Musical Director looking to extend your experience and perform with a new group, and / or a different show?  Perhaps you write music too?  These talents would be very welcomed at FMTC.  Please get in touch - - and tell us about your experience and what you are looking for.

Dressmakers - we are always looking for people that can sew and who are able to make minor alternations to costumes. Dressers will be needed before and during each of the performances and those prepared to chaperone young people together with a whole host of other activities.

For any of the above, please email us - - stating what area you are interested in joining FMTC for / what you feel you can offer and to find out further information about what will be required. All offers will be gratefully received.

FMTC is made up of volunteers who all share a passion for musical theatre and the age range is from 8 to 88. We are all amateurs insomuch as we are not paid for what we do but their the word amateur stops as our approach to everything we do is totally professional. Our desire is to produce the best possible production our budget will allow and the expectation levels on all participants is very high. Some choose to be on stage, some prefer to help behind the scenes but all are considered equal partners in our pursuit of excellence.

You too can be involved. You may have a particular talent and would love to be on the stage or maybe you can make things, organize things, write articles, pull on ropes etc. It doesn't matter, because the group is large and diverse enough for there to be a place for everybody.

The Frome Memorial Theatre is our home. We are inextricably linked with the theatre insomuch as neither would survive without the other. We perform there and we rehearse in the Assembly Rooms behind the theatre.

To be a part of FMTC all you need to do is to become a member. The current fee subscription is £21 which covers the period from now until the end of March 2017. Auditions to take part on stage occur before each production with every member having to undertake this no matter how experienced or what he/she has done before. This ensures only the best performers are selected for each production to maintain our proud standards of excellence and fairness.

For children looking to join the main FMTC they will need to be in School Year 8 from the first rehearsal. For our Youth Group, Spellbound, children need to be in School Year 6 (and can stay in Spellbound until they are 16).